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Original Release Date: July 19, 2011
Record Label: Sun Serpent Productions

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Venusian Skies

The first solo album by artist/musician Dave Couillou

A cosmic blend of ingredients coalescing on a musical pallet that brings to mind the ethereal space of Pink Floyd, the quirkiness of David Bowie, the soulful sounds of Jeff Buckley and the idiosyncratic sense of humor of Syd Barrett. Relax and take a trip through the upper atmosphere of Venusian Skies knowing that when the journey is through you will return safely to Earth.

Track Listing
  1. Revelation (4:27) sample clip
  2. The Queen of Venusian Skies (3:41) sample clip
  3. Victoria Winters (3:59) sample clip
  4. Falling Away (3:48) sample clip
  5. Coquette (4:27) sample clip
  6. Pvt. Cloud (2:20) sample clip
  7. Waiting (3:08) sample clip
  8. The Lonely Girl (4:41) sample clip
  9. The Pessimist (2:06) sample clip
  10. The Optimist (3:31) sample clip
  11. March of the Androids (2:07) sample clip
  12. Sugar Lips (1:07) sample clip
  13. Force Fed Love (1:15) sample clip
  14. The Madness in His Head (7:37) sample clip
  15. The Raincoat (3:45) sample clip
  16. The Back of Your Train (2:01) sample clip
Bonus Track
  1. If It's In You (Syd Barrett cover) Free Download!